It’s official!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I have officially registered to take the JLPT in December of this year. That means that, as of the day that I am writing this post, I have 78 days left to prepare. Continue reading “It’s official!”


J-News #2 Naomi Osaka’s Championship Win and A Recovered Pair of Stolen Ruby Shoes

K so I’m late to posting this… wait.. did I even set a day for when I’d post these?? Uhh.. I promise, I’m going to get it together at some point and step my consistency up. For now, let’s expect these every other Friday.


Anywho! So, I really enjoyed reading the news for last week. In fact, I actually learned something new related to America. So let’s get right into it.  Continue reading “J-News #2 Naomi Osaka’s Championship Win and A Recovered Pair of Stolen Ruby Shoes”

J-News: Major Chain Restaurants Issue Joint-Coupon to Counter “Middle Meals”

This is going to be my first news article breakdown, inspired by another blogger that I follow. My hope is that this will motivate me to read the news, while simultaneously expanding my vocabulary and grammar comprehension. Continue reading “J-News: Major Chain Restaurants Issue Joint-Coupon to Counter “Middle Meals””

The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime


“Do you watch anime?” There are about 5 common questions that I am asked when someone finds out that I speak Japanese. This one would be #2. Continue reading “The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime”

How I’m Studying Kanji


It didn’t take me very long to decide on how I would study kanji, but it did take me some time to decide. I have a complicated relationship with kanji because of the way that I learned Japanese. Despite how much I read Japanese, I don’t really know very many kanji. When I’m reading in Japanese, I either look up kanji as I go, guess from context, or skip the kanji all together. It’s always worked for me when I needed it to, but it has set me back. I’ve studied Japanese for years now, yet I hardly know any kanji. だめだよね。I was feeling really upset with myself about this and literally the next day, one of my favorite YouTubers mentioned that she has the same issue.  Continue reading “How I’m Studying Kanji”