Progress Report #3

August is here! And I *think* my Japanese has gotten better since the summer started.

Vocabulary (retention)

After studying around 400 new words at the beginning of the summer, I worried about whether or not I’d retain the vocabulary. Well, I have and I haven’t. When I review them on Memrise, I tend to miss the words that I’ve seen/used the least in my life like “moth”. Besides that, I can’t usually think of the words off of the top of my head (not that I’ve really tried), but I recognize them immediately when I read them. I do think that I should focus on reviewing verbs over the next month or so.


Kanji is actually going great. My method of taking notes is very effective and reviewing them on Memrise makes them stick. I’ve found myself easily recognizing and knowing the reading for a lot of kanji that I see frequently. I’m on week 4 of N3 kanji and I plan to start (cramming) N2 kanji once I’ve completed this book.


This might sound weird, but I’m doing much better with N2 kanji than I did with N3. For some reason, I’m more motivated to study N2 kanji and I just seem to understand it more. I’ve completely decided to omit trying to make my own sentences, for now, because I need more exposure regularly to the language to really understand how certain points fit. In general though, I’m sad to say that my Japanese grammar comprehension did not increase over the summer.


I left reading and speaking to be the very last things that I concern myself with because I needed to figure out the best ways for studying vocabulary and grammar, first. I do speak Japanese once per week with a language partner, but I am actually not finding it to be very helpful to me. I don’t know if it’s because of the frequency or not. I’m contemplating recording video journals for practice instead. So, my fluidity hasn’t changed. I also haven’t read much, but since I can now read more kanji, I have found that my ability to read has improved in speed. I’m not sure about my comprehension though.


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