J-News #2 Naomi Osaka’s Championship Win and A Recovered Pair of Stolen Ruby Shoes

K so I’m late to posting this… wait.. did I even set a day for when I’d post these?? Uhh.. I promise, I’m going to get it together at some point and step my consistency up. For now, let’s expect these every other Friday.


Anywho! So, I really enjoyed reading the news for last week. In fact, I actually learned something new related to America. So let’s get right into it. 




Red shoes worn in the Wizard of Oz movie by Dorothy were found (NHK / Easy)

This article was so interesting to me! Apparently, a pair of the beautiful ruby red shoes worn by Dorothy in the famous Wizard of Oz movie were once housed in a Minnesota museum, and they were stolen 13 years ago. However, on the 4th of this month, the FBI announced that they’d found the shoes. 3 years ago, a wealthy “fan” tried to get the shoes back by offering a large sum of money in exchange for their return. In celebration of the shoe’s return to the city, many Minnesota newspapers and such used the famous words of Dorothy, “there’s no place like home” to express their joy.

I seriously enjoyed reading this because I love to learn new, interesting facts. I had no idea that those shoes had ever been stolen. Also, learning how to say “there’s no place like home” in Japanese was something I was pretty proud of learning.

Key vocabulary:

  1. オズの魔法使 Wizard of Oz
  2. 主人公 protagonist
  3. 記念館 museum
  4. ロイター通信 reuters news
  5. 渡す hand over
  6. 専門家 expert

Key phrases:

  1. やっぱりおうちがいちばん there’s no place like home
  2. この靴はアメリカのミネソタ州にある記念館に置いてありましたが、13年前に盗まれました。These shoes were kept in a Minnesota museum, but 13 years ago, they were stolen. 


テニスの全米ぜんべいオープン 大坂おおさかなおみ選手せんしゅ優勝ゆうしょう

Naomi Osaka wins American tennis championship. (NHK / Easy)

On the 8th, Naomi Osaka, Japan and Serena Williams, USA played a game of tennis in one of the four worldwide tennis championships. During the first set, Serena Williams got a violation, which gave Osaka a point. Williams and the game overseer got into a loud dispute again when she was accused of getting coaching. The set finished with a 6-4 score and Osaka being the first Japanese player to win at one of the four major championship.

Naomi Osaka is 20 years old. She is half Haitian, her father is from Haiti and half Japanese, her mother is from Japan. Osaka was born in Osaka prefecture, but moved to America at 3 years old. After the game, Osaka said that her dream was to play Serena Williams at the championship games. She expressed that her dream came true and that she was very happy.


This was another interesting read! I actually watched Naomi’s press conference with the Japanese media and she had the most relateable reaction to a reporter asking her if she’d reply in Japanese. “Yeah I’m sorry, I don’t think so. My brain’s racing too much.” That’s so me when I’m talking with my Japanese friends in English and then they switch to Japanese on me.

Key vocabulary

  1. 決勝戦 Championship Game
  2. ハイチ Haiti
  3. 優勝 Championship

Key Phrases

  1. ウィリアムズ選手を応援していた客が怒こって大きな声を出しましたが、大坂選手は落おち着いて試合を続けました。In support of Williams, a loud angry sound was being shouted, but once Osaka calmed down, the game continued.

Apparently, the crowd became irritated about the unfair dispute between Serena and the man who was taking her points and they began to boo. Naomi did not know about the dispute and she thought the crowd was boo’ing at her (the fact that she was winning) and she had a breakdown.



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