A photo I took of Mt. Fuji from Misakiguchi Station in Miura, Japan.

Pera Pera Dreams is my personal language blog that I’ve created to talk about all things related to Japan and Japanese. Blogging here will motivate me to keep striving towards my goal of fluency! I hope that someone struggling to become fluent in any language, but especially Japanese, could come across my blog and find motivation, inspiration, and direction on how to achieve their goal.


I am a university student who has self-studied the Japanese language since 2004. I would even call it my passion. Since I don’t have any formal education in the language, I’ve come across many challenges when using my language skills- leading me to hit an intermediate plateau. I do not live in Japan (yet), so I have to create optimal learning conditions that fit into my normal schedule in America. My long-term goal is to develop an online resource (and eventually a course) that helps those teaching themselves Japanese bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced fluency.

Since I also enjoy Japan and its rich culture and history, I will also make posts here about things that I find interesting in Japan. I hope you enjoy your time here and chat with me in the comments about how you’re studying Japanese too!