The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime


“Do you watch anime?” There are about 5 common questions that I am asked when someone finds out that I speak Japanese. This one would be #2. Continue reading “The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime”


Travel Japan For Free (Sorta)

Since I’m not currently in Japan, I’ve learned to find creative ways to feel like I’m there without paying for the expensive trip. Besides watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Instagram photos of Japan, I really enjoy watching videos on the NHK World website. NHK world is an international broadcasting service offered by the well known NHK. On the NHK world website you can listen to a radio broadcast, which includes Japanese lessons, or watch videos in a variety of categories about Japan. Specifically, I enjoy browsing through and watching the videos in the “travel” category because I really enjoy travelling Japan. It’s difficult for me not to spend every penny I have when I’m there because I always want to go somewhere new. Continue reading “Travel Japan For Free (Sorta)”