Language Goals After The JLPT

     When I decided to start preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this year, for the first time, I had a sense of direction while studying Japanese. I tried to come up with short-term goals on my own, but I struggled to set concrete, realistic expectations of myself. I often found myself racing to fluency, rather than being honest with myself about the work it takes to truly excel in a second language on my own. Continue reading “Language Goals After The JLPT”


My Experience Taking The JLPT

I did it! 8 days ago, I finally took the JLPT for the first time!

Where did I take the exam?

Where I live, there’s no nearby testing center to take the JLPT, so I decided to travel to Washington, D.C. to take it. The weather was very cold and damp, but I’m just grateful that there wasn’t any snow.

How long did I prepare for the exam? What did I study?

Leading up to taking the JLPT, I began studying Continue reading “My Experience Taking The JLPT”

The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime


“Do you watch anime?” There are about 5 common questions that I am asked when someone finds out that I speak Japanese. This one would be #2. Continue reading “The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime”