My Experience Taking The JLPT

I did it! 8 days ago, I finally took the JLPT for the first time!

Where did I take the exam?

Where I live, there’s no nearby testing center to take the JLPT, so I decided to travel to Washington, D.C. to take it. The weather was very cold and damp, but I’m just grateful that there wasn’t any snow.

How long did I prepare for the exam? What did I study?

Leading up to taking the JLPT, I began studying Continue reading “My Experience Taking The JLPT”


Progress Report #3

August is here! And I *think* my Japanese has gotten better since the summer started. Continue reading “Progress Report #3”

The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime


“Do you watch anime?” There are about 5 common questions that I am asked when someone finds out that I speak Japanese. This one would be #2. Continue reading “The Goofy Reason Why I Don’t Like Anime”

Making Sentences With A Limited Vocabulary


A major reason why a lot of people give up on learning Japanese is never having learned how to create sentences. Textbooks like Genki can be great resources, but the problem is that they usually teach you “cookie-cutter” Japanese. There’s little room for error when you are creating “custom” sentences because the books are very specific about what they’re expecting you to say. Even if you’re taking a Japanese course, unless you’re paying for 1-on-1 time with a tutor, your teacher won’t likely have the time to help you to personalize your language learning experience. In this way, I guess I am lucky to have not really taken any classes because the Japanese that I speak is not very formal and I’m used to just saying what’s on my mind- not a textbook response. Continue reading “Making Sentences With A Limited Vocabulary”

July Study Plan


I am still deciding how I want to keep my recently learned vocabulary fresh in my mind. I’ve got some creative ideas, but for now I’ll just keep reviewing them on memrise at least 3 times per week. Continue reading “July Study Plan”

Studying Advanced Japanese Grammar


I’ve finally come up with an effective method for studying grammar. As an intermediate to advanced learner, studying grammar becomes more complex because the ideas that you’re now learning to express and understand have become complex. You’ve gone from saying “I like dogs” to “my life would be incomplete if I’d never received the opportunity to experience the friendship of a canine companion”. So, of course the study methods have to change a bit too. To make things simple, I’m just going to list my methods by a series of steps: Continue reading “Studying Advanced Japanese Grammar”